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2022 Heath FBT 32 FT in Gun Metal Grey


Optional Extras: Extra Metal Strap Box Steel Strap Tray to replace the strap box. Twin Steel Strap Trays Swivel Hitch.


Full-Length Chassis Rails
Chequered Plate Floor
Fixed Front Headboard c/w rave sockets 
Punched holes in side angles for strapping 
ADR Under Slung Axles
Multi-Leaf Suspension 
Distag Bolt-on Fixed Hitch 
Sprung Drawbar
Air/Hydraulic load-sensing brakes
445/45 R22.5 double coin wheels 
1 Metal Strap Box, Kerb Side 
LED lights c/w side flashers and strobe. 
Number plate holder 
Ratchet Handbrake 
Heath Mudflaps 
1-metre floor height 


£15,850 + VAT

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